Quite often, coins reflect the battles, reigns, wars, sacraments and other devaluations that punctuated our history. This historical dimension is one of the main interests of a collection of currencies. It is still completely ignored by existing software. Easily manage this dimension with NumismatPro, and see your collection in a truly unprecedented way


Geography800x150In the same way, NumismatPRO offers you the possibility to visualize your collection in a “geographical way”…


Apprendre800x150One of the consequences of the preceding points, and not least of them, is to learn and to be enriched. We have further expanded this dimension by going beyond the historical aspects : What is the designer of this coin ? What is the meaning of the inscription on another? Where is the mint ? By filling out this information, your collection will gradually grow. And you too.

Collecting data

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Your collection is unique. It is impossible to imagine retrieving all the information about it in a single click. The recommended approach is to continually document, read, exchange and collect data from all sources at your disposal, in order to capture and capitalize this information in NumismatPro.


collaboration800x150Share your passion and easily exchange data with other numismatists.

Exclusively for numismatists

ForNumismates800x150NumismatPro was developed on the basis of the specific needs of numismatists, in contrast to the generally accepted approach, which consists in considering that a collection of coins is managed as a collection of stamps or records. NumismatPro, as the name suggests, is only for numismatists


Chameleon800x150A large number of parameters and ergonomic choices allow the software to adapt to your need. And not the other way around. Because there is probably as much way to manage a collection as there are numismatists


InterfaceModerne800x150NumismatPro benefits from the latest technological innovations in terms of interface. The screens are simple and uncluttered