How to ?

How to add the map of a missing issuing authority ?
How to use the « detail view » mode ?

How to add the map of a missing issuing authority ?

All existing authorities already have a map in NumismatPro. But how to associate the map of an issuing authority disappeared, for which you will of course find NO map on internet ? Simply create it yourself and then integrate it into NumismatPro.

Creating the map

  • Download and launch Google Earth. Position yourself on the geographical area you are interested in, by adjusting the zoom level
  • Click on the “Add polygon” icon in the menu bar. A “Google Earth – New Polygon” window will open. Then start creating the outline of your polygon directly on the map, point by point, leaving this window open
  • Once the outline of the map is OK for you, click on the OK button in the previous window
  • Go above the polygon on the map, right click, and menu “Save location as …“. Save the file in kml format to the location you want (example: saving the MyCard.kml file on the desktop)

Integrate the map into NumismatPro

  • From NumismatPro, launch the Geography tile, and view your issuing authorities
  • Position yourself on the issuing authority to which you want to associate the map, then press “Add geolocation” button
  • Then point to the MaCard.kml file. NumismatPro will verify that the data format is correct, and will ask you to confirm it. There you go !

This option will allow you to create and operate under NumismatPro the territory of the Celts, the Western Roman Empire, and so on.

How to use the « detail view » mode ?

  • Choose the columns : Right click on the grid of the center, and “Choose the columns” menu
  • Sort Columns : Click on the column headers (Sort Ascending, Descending, Unsorted)
  • Group Columns : Drag/Drop a column header IN the text “Drag a column header etc.“. Note that you can perform several successive groupings.

The detail view mode is very similar to the one of the Windows file explorer. It is a powerful display mode.


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